Product Features

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1. Modular components such as TCK weak magnetism sensors, high-capacity data collecting system and other accessories are already produced in mass quantity.

2. Proven leading technology and high inspection accuracy
It makes possible to integrate wire rope online inspection and routine equipment management by combining quantitative inspection NDT technology with remote network communication technology. The inspection result is accurate and of high reference value. This makes wire rope daily inspection an easy and reliable task.

3. Good compatibility and easy to manage.
Supported by advanced quantitative inspection NDT technology and proven expert evaluation system, it does not interfere with the normal operation of the other equipments. The TCK professional software operates independently, and is compatible with other operating systems.
4 High System operation stability
Professionally designed, it is suitable to operate in different working environments such as open country, high altitude and underground. It is not constrained by regions and severe working conditions. Also, it is not affected by mechanical vibration and electromagnetic interference.

5. Easy to operate and maintain
Specialized engineering installation, long-term maintenance-free for outdoor
equipment, safe and reliable operation of software, with maintenance and upgrading services provided continuously.

6. Low operation cost and remarkable economic returns.
For the large number of in-service wire ropes, it helps avoid accidents caused by rope breakage, reduce rope use cost and increase effective working time of production equipments, resulting in high return on investment.

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