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TCK wire rope online Real-time automatic inspection system, adopted professional computer-controlled applications, achieved unattended, automatic inspection, automatic data integration, automatic generating inspection reports and other systematic functions.

According to industry-based monitoring and management approach, the system possesses the powerful functions, such as data form / defect curves / statistic charts multiple presetting, underground data calculating, automatic building file, system self-diagnosis, and predictive failure disposal, etc
TCK Curve Represent the combined value of Loss of Effective Bearing Metallic Area
(LMA)and Localized Flaws(LF).
LF1 Curve Represent wires.
LF2 Curve Represent the value of fatigue.
LMA Curve Represent of abrasion and corrosion.
This software is protected by the National Software copyright (Registered
number:2007SR05880) TCK Wire Rope Online Real-time Automatic Inspection System is able to provide users with the most visual damage of wire rope inspection report from different angles.

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