Overview Of Tck Elevator Wire Rope Testers

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Wire rope is a very important, but high-risk component of elevator
equipment as it directly concerns the safety of passenger life and property. For a long time, due to the lack of reliable inspection equipment, wire rope safetyhas always been a “blind spot” of elevator safety management and even the “hidden danger” for passengers’ life.
TCK elevator wire rope tester adopts the world’s leading and proven weak
magnetism inspection technology. It is able to inspect multiple ropes at the
same time, and solve effectively the problems concerning elevator rope
inspection. This equipment could detect quantitatively all types of flaws such
as broken wires, corrosion, abrasion and fatigue of multiple ropes
simultaneously. The testing data is presented in a detailed and easy to
understand numerical report, with clear conclusions regarding the safety statusof the inspected wire ropes.
TCK Elevator Wire Rope Tester has achieved the perfect combination of
innovative technology, practicability and miniaturization. With a PC, testing
data is displayed in real time and the testing result is not affected by the speed and load of the target elevator. It is easy to operate and has been recognized by users as the most advanced NDT equipment for elevator wire rope inspection in the world.

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