Tck System Introduction

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Steel cord conveyor belts, as the important conveying equipment in mining, port,
steel mills, and power plants fields, have always been paid much attention by
managers for their safety running state. During the operation process of conveyor belt, the splice twitch, broken cords, serious corrosion and other hidden defects might cause serious belt broken accidents. Therefore, users expect to solve the inspection difficulty about safety hidden dangers of conveyor belt urgently.

The successful development of TCK Conveyor Belt Inspection System creatively
proposes a new security monitoring solution, which overcomes the worldwide
technical problems. The system can not only accurately detect the hidden dangers such as twitch, displacement of steel cord splice, breakage, fatigue and corrosion, but also reduce the use and maintenance cost of conveyor belt which improves the operation efficiency. So it is the world’s most advantaged steel cord conveyor belt detection equipment.

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