Product Features Of Tck Elevator Wire Rope Tester

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1. High sensitivity and high reliability: the sensitivity of the TCK Dou Sensor is 70,000-250,000 times higher than traditional sensors, and the tester’s inspection accuracy, stability, repeatability and reliability are also much better than similar products;
2. Multiple ropes inspection at the same time and high efficiency: TCK elevator rope tester can inspect multiple ropes at the same time. It only needs 10-15 minutes to complete the inspection of all the ropes of an elevator, 15 times more efficient than traditional rope testers;
3. Small size and light weight: the testing head unit weighs less than 2.93KG;
4. Simple operation and easy to use: easy switching the buckle latch to lock or unlock the testing head, friendly software interface and interactive operation guides;
5. Wide application: TCK analysis software can not only meet the general users’ need for elevator rope inspection, but also make it possible for NDT professionals to do in-depth testing data analysis.
6. Online inspection and not affected by rope speed: TCK elevator rope tester is able to inspect ropes with speed at 20 m/s and not affected by vibration and shaking;
7. Wide operation temperature range: -35℃ ~+75℃, relative humidity: ≤95% RH and no temperature drift phenomenon.

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