Introduction Of Tck-bx Portable Wire Rope Testers

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TCK-BX portable wire rope testers adopt patented Weak Magnetism inspection technology and have been recognized as the solution to the problems of “Hidden Dangers, Waste, and Low efficiency” of wire rope use. This equipment is able to correctly evaluate the residual carrying capacity and service life of in-service wire ropes by quantitatively detecting both internal and external flaws such as broken wires, corrosion, abrasion and fatigue. With this technical breakthrough in NDT technology, it is possible for the first time in the world to scientifically evaluate in-service wire rope’s residual bearing capacity, safety coefficient, and service life.
TCK portable rope testers weigh only 2 KG, about 1/6~1/25 of the weight of conventional NDT testers. The sensitivity of TCK Dou sensors could reach 5 V/G and the accuracy for evaluating the percentage loss of effective bearing metallic cross-sectional area is above 99.5%. It is also easy to operate, with unique auto-unlocking device and friendly interface designs.
When an inspection is completed, TCK rope testers are able to display on the LCD screen testing data, flaw graph, data table, and test report. After connecting to a computer and printer, a formal test report could be printed, which provides scientific reference for users to use wire ropes more safely and replace wire rope more appropriately

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