Working Principle Of Tck Weak Magnetism Inspection

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TCK Weak Magnetism inspection technology is based on the theory of ―Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Resultant‖ and is an
innovative electromagnetic DNT technology. It adopts large air-gap and non-contact weak magnetic energy induction
device and is capable to detect quantitatively both internal and external flaws by extracting signals of weak magnetic energy
distributing variation of the test wire rope.
TCK weak magnetism inspection instruments comply with international standards (ISO3154 1988) for wire ropes. By testing
magnetic energy potential changes of the countless cross-sectional elements of the test wire rope, which reflect the
degeneration status of each cross-sectional elements, it provides the needed technical reference for evaluating in-service
wire rope’s residual bearing capacity, safety status and service life.
Note:Magnetic energy potential change is the magnetic energy distribution and variation of the magnetic field along the
test wire rope. A cross-sectional element is the axial segmentation differential of the wire rope. The degeneration of a
cross sectional element’s bearing capacity is caused by both LMA (Loss of Metallic Area) and LF (Localized Flaws).

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