Key Features Of Tck Portable Wire Rope Tester

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High inspecting precision, sensitivity and accuracy: the sensitivity of TCK Dou Sensors is 70,000 -250,000 times higher than traditional sensors; with high differentiation rate, the Dou sensor is capable to detect quantitatively all
types of wire rope defects

Reliable performance: quantitative uncertainty for measuring the loss of effective bearing metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) and other flaws such as broken wires, corrosion and abrasion (LF) < 0. 5%

High level integration: all function modules are integrated, including system self-diagnosis module, digital automatic calibration module, ―Eagle Eye‖ module, S/N quality module, signal fidelity module, and anti-interference

Fast data processing capability: by analyzing the original signals extracted from the wire rope, TCK patented software is capable to evaluate the working condition of the in-service wire rope. It could not only display the test result and print out the test report in real time, but also exchange data between the tester and a PC at fast speed

Small size and light weight: TCK-BX standard wire rope testers weigh less than 2 KG or 1/6~1/20 lighter than traditional wire rope NDT testing instruments. Therefore, it is very easy to operate

Wide applicability: applicable to wire rope inspections under complex working conditions and not be affected by the inspectors’ experience or skills, rope speed, noise, water spraying, warped wires, oil dirt and other factors

Accurate inspection results: capable to quantitatively measure the percentage loss of effective bearing metallic cross-sectional area (LMA), caused by internal and/or external broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and other defects and thereby evaluate the residual bearing capacity and service life ofthe inspected wire rope.

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