System Functions Of Tck Elevator Wire Rope Tester

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Quantitatively detect broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and other flaws and correctly evaluate the
residual bearing capacity and service life of the test wire rope
Capable to test multiple elevator wire ropes simultaneously
Quantify broken wires within one unit of rope length and diameter reduction
Online inspection and real time Sound/Light alarm
Online automatic calibration to ensure accuracy of inspection results
Automatic self-diagnosis function to ensure equipment operate reliably
Simple instrument keyboard setting, rolling linear logic interface switch, indicative man-machine conversation, intelligent embedded program operation and simple and convenient operation
Connected to a portable PC, testing data, flaw curves, data tables and numerical test report could be viewed right after the inspection
Expert software for data processing, data analysis, test result display, report printing, data storage, and data file management
High capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery unit
High strength and anti-corrosion organic insulation materials are chosen for the tester head unit to protect the operator from electrical shock and other related hazards
CE certified, no magnetic pollution and not interfering the normal operation of other electronic and communication equipments in the working locale;
Splash proof (water and oil), dust and moisture proof

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