Major Features Of Tck Professional Software For Wire Rope Inspection

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Designed by first class software engineers, logic structure, reliable
performance. It has been recognized as one of the best professional
software in the NDT industry worldwide
Powerful function. Real-time flaw type display during inspection.
Timely printing of test report after inspection, no need to wait and
analyze by human
Inspection result displays via flaw curves and numerical tables. Flaw
curves could be used for dynamic analysis, numerical tables are easy
to understand
Quantitative, qualitative, and positioning analysis of all types of flaws
Capable of fulfilling real-time inspection on four major hidden dangers
including horizontal breakage and vertical ripping
Quantitative and positioning inspection on steel cord splice
Quantitative and positioning inspection on steel cord breakage
Quantitative and positioning inspection on steel cord corrosion
Positioning inspection on vertical ripping of steel cord conveyor belt
Operation status report system by text message

TCK Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd.

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