Technological Innovation---tck Online Realtime Automatic Inspection System

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High resolution: the instantaneous detection precision value of the steel cord splice displacement can reach 1mm, and can automatically analyze the average and maximum displacement in each operation period. So those accurately and efficiently identify the permanent displacement and elastic displacement of the steel cord splice.
High sensitivity: TCK sensor (sensitivity: 5V/Gs) is 7000 times more sensitive than Hall element (sensitivity: 7mV/mT under 10V excitation voltage), so it can get a reliable quantitative detection for various early hidden danger like splices twitch, internal breakage, fatigue and corrosion…etc.

Real-time performance of system: Highly integrate the computer, intelligent software and communication technologies together. In the process of on-line quantitative non-destructive testing, the system can take a real time alarm, indicating the safety belt status and showing the holographic perspective image of internal metal structure and defects distribution of the conveyor belt.

Precise positioning: TCK Conveyor Belt Inspection System adopts horizontal + vertical response sensor arrays which can achieve the two-dimensional precise positioning of internal defects of steel cord conveyor belt; the location error is less than 10×10mm

Image reconstruction: TCK monitoring software, based on real-time sensor data, dynamically constructs the steel cord image visually. It can take a quantitative and positioning identification for splice displacement, break core, corrosion, abrasion…etc, issue the tips with different colors according to the defect value, and send the warning messages.

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