System Configuration Of Tck Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Online Real-time Automatic Inspection System

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TCK Self-controlled sound/light alarm device
 In line with GB3836-2000 “Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres” standard, with mining product safety signs Exd[ib]I explosion-proof and intrinsically safe products
 Give the warning indication for the safety state of conveyor belt according to test data by EPLD phototube, DDY-6 buzz alarm and software control component
 Green Light: Steel cord conveyor belt is in safe condition
 Yellow Light: Steel cord conveyor belt has partial hidden dangers, and need to be monitored and maintained more intensively
 Red Light: Steel cord conveyor belt is in extremely dangerous condition and should be shut down immediately and emergency plan should be executed, such as changing new belt…etc
TCK SMS safety report function device
 based on the real-time monitoring results and historical statistics, the alarm information will be showed and locked in terminal interface. The corresponding alarm information can be remotely sent to manager’s mobile phone by SMS according to the system pre-lock.

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