Quantitative And Locating Test For Broken Strands, Corrosion, And Fatigue

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TCK Conveyor Belt Inspection System can achieve the functions of precise positioning of two-dimensional coordinates to splice twitch, internal broken strands, fatigue, corrosion and other defects.
Take adjacent splice as positioning benchmark in the longitudinal direction of conveyor belt, the resolution is 1mm, direct the starting and ending coordinate of defect, position error ≤ 10mm; determine the transverse coordinate of defects according to separate ways on the direction of sensor (A1 ~ A14, B1 ~ B14) corresponding to 100mm partition (1 ~ 13 districts), the position error is also ≤ 10mm.
For example as reflected in the defects records at right image: behind the V8 # splice 49.231 ~ 49.573m of the nine areas range (away from the conveyor belt at the left edge 850 ~ 950mm), showing internal broken cords with values 3, and then by X-ray perspective examination, verifying that there are three broken ropes in the region

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