Tck Wire Rope Online Real-time Automatic Inspection System

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As a high risk component of hoisting, lifting and conveying equipments, wire rope is regarded as the “lifeline” in many industries. However, the safety of in-service wire ropes has always been the “blind spot” or “source of danger” in equipment management, because of the lack of reliable testing instrumentation. How to detect the deterioration of in-service wire ropes and ensure their safety is an urgent demand for wire rope users.
TCK Wire Rope Online Real-time Automatic Inspection System has achieved for the first time in the world automatic inspection of in-service wire ropes. As a more convenient and reliable inspection instrument, it helps users monitor the ropes safety status in real time, prevent accidents caused by rope failures, scientifically reduce the cost of wire rope use, and effectively increase production efficiency.
TCK Wire Rope On-line Automatic Inspection System has fundamentally changed the situation of wire rope inspection and management. Compared to existing inspection instruments, the detectability of the TCK on-line system is much higher for Localized Flaws (LF) such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion and fatigue, and its precision is much accurate for the Loss of Metallic Cross-Sectional Area (LMA) and rope diameter shrinkage. It can not only detect various flaws, but also classify them into four flaw categories as broken wire, corrosion, abrasion and fatigue. It could calculate the value of broken wires per unit of wire length, according to industry standards of different countries. In addition, it can correctly evaluate the test wire rope’s safety status, residual bearing capacity and service life. Thereby, it has solved the three challenges of wire rope application – “hidden dangers, waste and low efficiency” and helped wire rope users achieve “safety, economy and efficiency.” It has been recognized as the most advanced wire rope NDT inspection system in the world.

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