Tck System Configuration

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① TCK Modular inspection device
-On-line installation and automatic operation
-Wide-space and non-contact inspection to ensure safety operation of the inspection device
-Real-time non-destructive testing for flaws when wire ropes in normal operation
-Weak magnetism sensors with high sensitivity, high stability and high responsiveness
-Suitable for all-weather indoor and outdoor working environments, with rain-proof, shock-proof, and oil-proof design.
-Routine maintenance free.

② TCK intelligent data collection & conversion workstation
-Intelligent multi-channel two-way automatic information communication mode
- Modular multi-function unit combination, easy for updating.
-Shield-type information receiving & conversion and anti-interference design.
-embedded real-time alarming program, with “yellow light” for early warning flaws and “red light” for over-limit warning flaws.

③TCK-GMS Distance Measuring Device
-Adopt high-precision explosion-proof photoelectrical encoder and light aluminum frame
-Anti-loosening mechanical structure, self-clamp-floating cantilever support, and friction wheel with multi-channel anti-slip rings ensure reliably distance measuring
-Integrated anti-shake, pulse shaping and other industrial designs with features of stable signal and high accuracy distance measuring

④TCK self-controlled sound and light alarm system
-Real-time and graded alarming responses, with “yellow light” for early flaw warning and “red light” for over-limit flaw warning.
-With over-limit flaws, the “red light” will be on and pre-programmed safety measures will be acted simultaneously.
-High-power on-site sound and light displaying device.

TCK Safety Status Reporting Function
based on the real-time monitoring results and historical statistics, the alarm information will be showed and locked in terminal interface. The corresponding alarm information can be remotely sent to manager’s mobile phone by SMS according to the system pre-lock

⑤TCK Multi-channel Terminal Control Center
-Multi-channel step-by-step calling, synchronous and high speed data receiving & sending operation mode, optional configuration for wire/wireless communication.
-TCK designated command and control system software, manual/auto switch operation mode.
-Windows operation platform with TCK professional interfaces, Chinese/English language dialog windows operation mode.
-Compatible with the LAN or public network for information sharing.
-Real-time testing data collecting, analyzing and processing, with file-type data management system.
- Support testing data retrieving and test report printing whenever needed.
-Provide evaluation of wire rope residual bearing capacity, safety coefficient, and service life.

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