Functions Of Tck-bx Portable Wire Rope Testers

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1. Quantitatively detecting both external and internal flaws such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, and other defects; and correctly evaluating the inspected wire rope’s residual bearing capacity, safety coefficient and service life;
2. Real time Sound/Light alarm function during the inspection process;
3. Online automatic calibrating technique to ensure the accuracy of inspection results;
4. Self-diagnosis function to ensure the system operate reliably;
5. Quantitatively calculate broken wires in one lay length or 6D/30D length and rope diameter reduction;
6. Integrated design of testing instrument and meters, with no need for external power supply and cable connection;
7. With a working space of 20-30 mm between the testing heads and the wire rope surface and the opposite motion mode of the guide wheels and wire rope, TCK portable rope testers have exceptional passing capability, which is not affected by broken wires, rope deformation, oil sludge, dirt and other factors, and capable of inspecting under any working conditions;
8. During inspection, the tester’s inner bush will not rub against the wire rope directly and intensively; and it is designed for permanent use, with no need to replace or maintain.
9. Trigger type self-unlocking device, which quickly unlock the tester from the rope in emergency situation to ensure the safety of the inspectors and the equipment;
10. Easy for operation because of simple instrument keyboard setting, rolling linear logic interface switch, indicative man-machine conversation, and embedded intelligent program operation;
11. As soon as an inspection is completed, the inspectors can check the inspection data, flaw curves, analysis report, and numerical inspection result on the tester’s LCD screen; if the tester is connected to a printer, a formal test report can be printed out;
12. High performance rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery unit;
13. Testing head employs high strength, insulated anti-corrosive material to prevent electricity leakage, short circuit, and electric shock by lightning;
14. Quantitative inspection methods and evaluation rules meet the requirements prescribed in MT/T970-2005 Non-destructive and Quantitative Inspection Methods and Evaluation Rules for Wire Rope and other industries’ standards and requirements;
15. The instrument is CE certified and has no electromagnetic pollution; it does not interfere with the normal operation of other electronic and communication equipments in the work locale;
16. Water, dust, oil and moisture proof.

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