I Like Texting --> English Language; I Lyk Txtin' --> Sms Language!

If someone asked me one thing i wanted to have if i got stranded on some island, a few years back i would have probably said: my iPod or my laptop or something.
Now i have only one answer: my cellphone.
To say that it is essential is an understatement. I carry it around 24x7 even if i am just going downstairs to the pick up a drink or just to get something i forgot to take to my room. Jeez. It's like i am taking care not to miss any important business calls ;) though it does puzzle my mom what could be so important for a college student :D. Well, our friends, our fights, our assignments, our gossips -- This is college, mom! My mom often wonders aloud recently if she gave birth to me and my phone together in one piece, never seeing us parted lol.
Sometimes mom would be talking about something really serious and at that exact moment i will get a text from a friend asking about where to hang out the next day. Well, none of us would wait for mom to finish to text back, right? It's like the unwritten rule among cellphone users that you have to text back right away! Anyhoo, it kinda quite frequently gets on my mom's nerves, which is actually quit fun to watch :D
It doesn't end with that. Remember the good old days when the English language used to be legible? Well, those days have gone with the wind, i guess. Now all we see are ' brb. dad hr. ttyl' , which would actually mean 'be right back. dad here. talk to you later'. I have seen even shorter codes for the same example i have used but this is as much i would shorten it :P.
Cellphones really have replaced quite a lot of things other than the good old bulky phones at home. Like the doorbell, for instance. Who ever uses it now? My friends just text me when they reach outside the door and i will go down and get them inside. And so many things likewise.
One thing i really regret is that it has completely changed the way i used to write. I am a good writer, i keep a successful blog, but when i returned to it after a long break and started writing, i had to stop after every sentence and correct all the short forms i used for the actual words! The same happened when i had to write an essay for some event in college and i am hoping it didn't make that bad an impression as it was full of bars and crosses i had done to correct the short forms :-/.
Well, what all be said, i can't even imagine a life without my phone now. No texting, no web browsing, no music and no apps?? AAARGH! That would be a nightmare. REALLY. Yes it is sad but that's the truth.
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Text me! 9145341319! I love texting new people (::

Lol <br />
This is a funny story :)


yeah it is convenient but it kind of degrades our quality of writing English language..

sms language is much better than any other language...atleast for some of us for sure...what say???