Me too

I've watched this movie over and over again. I love it. Thought I'd share a few of my favorite scenes.

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One of my favorites, which came to mind while browsing a certain friend's pic...

"Her eyes
The color of Hope,
Like soft claws
Keep me away
From the wide,
The wide
Wide open abyss
Of despair.

Her eyes
Like a beautiful forest
Life and breeze
During the asphyxiating nights
Of narrowing dreams.

Her eyes
Like the remains of angels
After the end of time,
Like ancient stardust
Echoing perennially
On these mirrors
That age slowly,

Her eyes
Whispering thoughts
Of deliverance
From the sordid days
Of shadows and broken glass
And steal the frighting
Waves of dense black nights.

Her eyes
Dividing the circle of life
In quadrants dark and bright
Dark and bright,
From within her tears,
From outside her keenest smile,
The end is never near
The end is never more."
[Futbolae; 10/1999]

That is "exquisite" Thoughtful. Thank you for sharing this with me. <3