Beyond A Mind Twister! Help!~

I've been following the new Sherlock since it started and it blew my mind from the first episode. I was amazed to see how fast Sherlock 'deduced' so much from tiny tings, the camera work, the rapid fire dialogue (I understand Benedict Cumberbatch said that was the hardest part to memorize these long sequences and deliver them in understandable tones in one take...Then the personality quirks, loved the New Sherlock correcting his diagnosis of 'psychopath' to ?? And how weird yet fascinating can BC look with those blue cat eyes and sculptured upper lip. Kind of like the vampire craze that is still going on. (Will it ever end?)
THis last episode completely disheveled my already disheveled brain. It seemed to me to be stretching the limits, going outside the boundaries of a clever mystery when Sherlock's character is questioned by the judge (Can you please say two words without showing off?) and the twisted tale of Moriarty being and actor and then not, and the end. Well, what can I say. I am still speechless. What is real dn what isn't seems to be the question. I still can't see how Sherlock dressed as a terrorist, saying 'RUN" to Ms Adler in the last frame could possibly be anything more than fantasy. OH, and it seems Sherlock is actually receiving consequences for his beyond rude behavior when he tells the reporter, after leading her on, that she "repulses" him. Later, she gets her revenge, and delivers the same line: "You repulse me". This is a fascinating turn with the characters themselves going out of character. Someone help me. I do not understand this last episode, must play it back....about 10 times no doubt.
Any discussion much appreciated, I can't believe there isn't a Sherlock Discussion group going on somewhere by now, and not just from Cumberbitches, although I can see why that would happen.
Cocopuffy Cocopuffy
May 22, 2012