I Love Heart

Saw them several times after their Dreamboat Annie album. Nancy Wilson got fat,but they still were excellent to watch!
BuckarooBonzai BuckarooBonzai
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3 Responses Nov 9, 2011

Saw them twice in concert. They were the backup band for some other act that I can't remember because Heart stole the show. The next time I saw them they were the main act and they were even better. Loved Nancy's accoustic intro to "Crazy On You" I learned to play that but that was so long ago I would have to learn it all over again. Great group. They had several good songs and It didn't matter how fat Ann got, she was talented.

I remember listening to the "Dreamboat Annie" album over and over as a teenager. Loved it!

that chicky knows how to sing,,,hands down