The Greatest Hard Rock Band Of All Time

The original ABB with Duane was, in my opinion, the greatest classic hard rock band of all time. Duane's playing left Eric Clapton gasping for breath. The double lead guitars and percussion. The long instrumentals. Greg's singing. The superb blues roots; the ABB were damn near the best white blues band ever. If you know some music theory, you can appreciate the Coltrane-like modality of the guitar playing and the unusual tempi (such as 11/8 and 8/8).

Duane's death in 1971 was the greatest single premature loss hard rock has ever experienced. Had he lived another 20-30 years...

Thanks to the internet, I have seen the grave of Elizabeth Reed (1845-1935) in the Macon cemetery. I first heard that melody 40 years ago, and it has haunted me ever since.
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Nov 22, 2011