What Is This Band?

Before Black Veil Brides people would ask me what band is my favorite and I would reply I don't have one. Now when they ask me I say Black Veil Brides and they have no clue who I am talking about. Than I explain who they are and if I have my ipod on me I will let them listen to a song. Where I live the cds are hard to find and the only store that is 45min away is shutting down. Which is sad. I can not find a radio station that plays their music either. I have introduced some of my friends to this band and they thought they were okay but not enough to buy a cd. My parents saw one of my cds of them and they asked if they were girls. Its understandable because they havn't seen a picture of them or listen to their music. They figured since it has the brides in the name they musct be female. There are many people out there that just see the makeup, hair and close and they will not evan give them a chance. Its sad that society is so hung up on looks that they can't get past anything diffrent than what is "normal". Which what is that? Its different to everyone.There songs can cheer me up when I am feeling down.
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3 Responses Jan 2, 2012

totally 100% agree. people take one look at them and just dont wanna pay attention. theyre music has a message and its basically in the entire wrethched and devine album and thats to just be yourself and comfortable with who you are. i was....and i used to literally walk around everyday dressed like andy, i had jinxs' hair cut and his make up the same way. and i didnt care what anyone said cuz BVB taught me not to care what people have to say. so in conclusion **** modern day society, BVB ARMY4LIFE!!!!

i totally agree with you andy's voice is just so hypnotizing ut dosent matter what he looks like or even dresses its his music that matters and might i say it ROCKS!

i love black veil brides