I Love Them Because Of Crystalfirexx

On Dec. 22, 2011, CrystalFirexx, now NatalieFirexx, posted My Life Sims 2 video, the first song was Fallen Angels. I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard it. I thought they were older because of Andy's deep voice. I love deep voices by the way. I then looked them up on YouTube to see who they were. I was shocked to see that. Then, I was scared to go into Hot Topic because of the, not being stereotype, "emogoths". Remember I am a prep. I was insanely turned far away from their music. Then one day I was browsing on the suggested music videos in On Demand. I saw the music video again. I started to enjoy it. Then suddenly, Mom walked in. Mom-"Umm...what are you watching?" Me*Nervously*-"Oh...just browsing." She then left the room. I turned it off and went to my room. The next time I was at the house alone and started listening to it. After that, (I have a phone that has applications and YouTube), I downloaded it and watched it on YouTube. I have told my mom since then. The other day I was in all black. She cracked and said, "This is as emo as you are getting!", then left the room. She yells at me all the time for having "bad influences" for friends. I love my family but I don't care about their opinion of my life. Nothing has gone wrong with me. I am still a straight A student. I have best friends who love me for who I am. And I am proud to say I am a member of the BVB Army! I really do care about my family though. And I have a "Mini Me". She is a little 7-year old girl, who is my 6-year old brother's girlfriend. She follows everything I do. But I don't want her to be anything like me. That's what worries me most...
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my parents are just like that im not emo/goth but a lot of the time i will wear quite a bit of black and it shouldnt matter what i listen too or what i wear it does not affect who i am and it shouldnt with you either :)