The Seventies Were Their Golden Age

I like the Bee Gees' '70s hits best, after three decades they still sound great, especially the ones featured on the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever. More Than A Woman (I also like the Tavares version) and How Deep Is Your Love are my favourites. Other songs of theirs that I love include Stayin' Alive and Tragedy, I'm not as keen on their music from before and after the 1970s, though. 

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Thanks for your comment, mzdivine.<br />
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balboaguy; Yes, they are talented songwriters. I wondered what Barry and Robin Gibb are doing now, thanks for for the information.

They have also written #1 hits for ...Celion Dion, Barbar Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton-John, Dolly Parton.<br />
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Now that there are only two of them left they continue, not as a group anymore, but as writers for other artists

It is:-<br />
the music of the early years that gave them their good name!

Yes, and music from that era also seems to age well