Plaid Skirts And Knee High Socks

Plaid Skirts and Knee High Socks


Enough said.
Kiki31 Kiki31
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Oh gggrrrr I love catholic schoolgirls. I have plenty of all kinds of schoolgirl uniforms. I got dressed to go with that girls school and I cycled home behind all schoolgirls on their bikes follow them with my short pleated gym skirt and PE kit carrying hockey bat. These PE kit I was wearing did show that I was a really schoolgirl. I got complete school girl clothes including regulated panties and bras at charities. They fit me well cos I'm short at girls height. Read my true stories. OMG those were my wonderful sexy days, I really wanna to go back in time. Oooooohh my.....