The Color Blue

I like the color blue it is my fav I like any things thats blue dont matter what shade it is. The color blue shows my soft side cause to me it represents freedom,peace, happiness, faithful, and loyalty. When i look up at the blue shy I feel protect cause I know god is watching over me and everybody I love and care about. Blue is a smooth color I like wear it I like the way it is painted on cars and everything it just make me feel good inside. Its a clean color and I look very good in blue
Mississippi274 Mississippi274
18-21, M
6 Responses Oct 16, 2011

I agree!!! Blue is awesome! And I'm not going to lie, (and not trying to sound weird) but you do look good in blue. :)

lol thanks

I love the color blue as well it's my favorite color as well!

yea verry true

lol i added u before i knew u

us people who keep it real stick together

lol how do we know that

I guess thats why people aint been adding me as friends lol they think i`m in a gang i`m just a real *** person

or it may be because ur a crip?

LOL am not a crip but really i am not