A Shade of Light

In my teens I only ever saw one colour...green with envy...I envied that,envied her,envied her life,that green became my favourite colour(and thats a true fact).I have a wicked sense of humour and at times I mask my true self behind it,whatever the mood was,the colour of my mood never changed.There was an "incident" when I was out with a so called friend,she dared me to trip some-one up,I looked at her and thinking "what is up with this girl?" her face not once even flinched,didnt even change her expression as I tried to understand or see if her face would turn a different shade...not even! It was then,I realised that not only did time stand still long enough to see she wasnt the friend I thought,but that who ever comes and goes into your life,they come with either one shade or many shades of the rainbow,it depends on how you or they affect your life.I try now to be all shades,because thats our emotions showing how you and I feel,act,and I suppose behave in this colourful rainbow world of ours....but green's still my favourite colour,not of envy but of its many shade green has!

meadoe meadoe
41-45, F
Mar 27, 2009