Dappi Plastic Baby Pants

I just received my new Real Dappi Plastic Baby Pants, size Toddler, so I thought I would make a new pair of panties for myself. I don't wear a diaper though, I just like the feel of plastic baby pants against my **** but I don't like how they stick to my skin on my butt. So what I do is make a pair of panties with my real, genuine plastic baby pants in the front and white nylon with lace trim panties in the rear. That way I get to enjoy the feeling of my plastic baby pants against my **** and the nice feeling of nylon against my *** and not sticking to me. Also, I love the fact that I'm wearing REAL plastic baby pants meant to be worn by real babies. I don't know why, but there is something about knowing I'm wearing real baby pants that I like.

Wow, these Dappi Baby Pants are really nice. They are semi-transparent and pretty thin.  And they smell great too.  As soon as I put them on my **** started getting hard and my pre-*** started flowing.  They feel so good and are so slippery against my hard ****.  I can't stop rubbing myself through them.  Then I put my little girl's bouffant slip over them, then a sheer, white, double layer babydoll nightie on. I know I'm going to *** in my baby pants soon.  I only wish a sexy girl was here with me, rubbing me through my layers of sheer nylon and plastic babypants.  A girl's touch is so much better than my own.

I think I know what I'm wearing to bed tonight now.  My pictures below will give you a good idea of just how much I love the feeling of wearing plastic baby pants.  

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4 Responses Apr 16, 2013

It was a month before our baby was to be born. I bought some dappi nylon pants and Gerber cloth diapers,pins and baby powder. I showed them to my wife and asked her to diaper me. I wore them all nite. We separated and I met someone new. Her sister used cloth diapers and plastic pants on her baby. I told her I wanted to wear diapers and plastic pants and be her baby. She diapered me just like her sister's baby,actually wearing baby diapers and baby plastic pants. She cuddled me rubbing me til I wet my baby diaper. I would get diapered every nite. After a couple of weeks I began wetting in the morning and like the baby I'd get changed. I began wearing the baby diapers and baby plastic pants all the time. This lasted for five years.

very nice

I love the big ***** in those dappis

That got me dripping wet!!!