Lovely Plastic Pants

I love the plastic pants shown in your logo they got me very excited. I have always loved wearing plastic pants, not because I have to but because I love them. They still give me a great thrill even now and love the sight of an adult boy or girl wearing lovely plastic pants. I wear them on their own when all I want to do is have a nice play and feel the soft plastic and listen to that wonderful crinkly sound. I also wear a nappy underneath when I want to wet and just love the feel of my warm wetness spreading around my nappy held securely in place by my gorgeous plastic pants. You can chat to me in private if you like as I am always happy to make new friends I can be contacted at

Dennap Dennap
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I have been enjoying plastic pants ever since childhood getting back into them when I started deliberately wetting the bed during puberty so that I was put back into nappies & plastic pants and could enjoy ************ into my plastic pants whenever I wanted (which was every night if not more often). It got so that I would put my nappy and plastic pants on as soon as I got home from school keeping them on until next morning by which time they were lovely and wet and heavy and full of creamy ***. Only one or two of my very best friends ever knew because they were the only ones I invited back to my house and they never seemed to mind me wearing and wetting when they were around. Of course there were always lots of lovely plastic pants hanging around drying etc. so I couldn’t hide the fact that I still wore them. I remember one day playing a game in my bedroom with a close friend we were both about 12 or 13 and I had quite a large erection which a rather nice bulge in the front of my plastic pants which couldn’t go unnoticed. My friend mentioned that it looked like I had a big stiffy and I said I did and asked if he got them. Of course he said that he did and I asked what he did about it. He said that although it felt nice he tried to ignore it and it would go away. I asked if he had ever made himself *** and he didn’t really understand what I was on about so I explained how good it felt to stroke a nice stiffy and keep on going until I came. He asked me what I meant and I explained about *********** nice creamy ***. He said he had never tried that so I said I would happily show him if he liked. He said ok and I started to gently stroke myself through my nappy which was rather damp with my first pee of the evening. He watched intently as I pulled the top of my plastic pants down, unpinned my nappy and then pulled my clear plastic pants back over my hard **** which I continued stroking, pulling my foreskin back revealing the large purple head and stroking a bit faster as I felt my climax nearing. Eventually of course I could hold back no more and with a groan of ecstasy spurted a lovely amount of creamy *** inside my plastic pants which was clearly visible. It was the first time I had *** whilst someone watched and it felt oh so good. I think my friend was a bit surprised but understood that it was obviously something that felt very good to me. I then slipped my penis back inside my nappy and pinned it back in place. I smiled and said how good it was and that he should try it. He said that he would the next time he got a stiffy so I explained that if he stroked himself like I had done then he would soon get stiff and we left it at that. A few days later he was back around my place and I asked if he had made himself *** yet. He said that he had and that it was very nice. We chatted about it for a while which got me hard and he noticed the bulge in the front of my nappy again, saying that it looked as if I needed to make myself *** again. I said that I did and suggested we do it together. He needed no second invitation and undid the top of his jeans, slipped his hand inside and started stroking himself. I was stroking the front of my nappy through my plastic pants watching intently until he was nice and hard and released his lovely ****, stroking furiously, I told him to slow down as I continued rubbing myself and to let me know when he was about to ***. It dint take him long and was soon ready, I told him to *** on my pants and was soon ******* lots of creamy *** onto the soft plastic and my fingers as I carried on stroking harder myself and a few moments later I too was ******* lots of creamy *** into my plastic pants. As my *********** subsided I rubbed my hand into his creamy *** and wiped it onto my nappy smiling that would be a shame to waste it. He had his own *** on his fingers so I passed him a clean nappy to wipe his hand as he slipped his **** back into his jeans. We both said how much we enjoyed it and it became a regular occurrence as we grew older and until we parted after leaving school and going our separate ways. After a while as we grew used to our mutual ************ sessions and I persuaded him to try plastic pants. At first he simply wrapped them around his **** and then later would put them on and if no one else was at home I would persuade him to keep them on after he had *** and that got me very excited as you can imagine. We got braver and I recall that after a while playing with ourselves and him coming on my plastic pants yet again he dared me to lick it which I did. I have to say that the taste and texture was not unpleasant and this again became something I would often do. It wasn’t long after that at one of our sessions I asked if he was feeling horny and I began rubbing the front of his jeans, and then moved my hand away, he told me not to stop so I smiled and went back and felt his **** getting harder, he undid his jeans and guided my hand inside to grasp his **** which I eagerly did. It was the first time I had held another guy like this and was soon stroking him with a pair of my plastic pants wrapped around it for added pleasure, he said it was a bit uncomfortable as I tried to pull his foreskin right back so I got some baby oil and rubbed it over his hardness. This sent him groaning and obviously in great pleasure as I pulled his foreskin back to reveal his lovely purple head glistening with baby oil. I teased him, going quite slowly and stopping when I sensed he was about to ***, when I eventually gave him release I had never seen so much lovely *** which seemed to be coming forever all over my hand and over my plastic pants, great glistening globs of white creamy ***. As his climax subsided I wiped up the *** from my plastic pants to put in my mouth, it tasted oh so good. It was now my turn to *** and he watched in the afterglow of climax as I put my hand inside my nappy stroking my wet hardness. As I got harder I pulled my plastic pants down and unpinned my nappy, the aroma of my wee hitting our nostrils and getting me more excited. I was stroking furiously, desperate for release and could feel my *** rising. Then suddenly I let out a great groan of ecstasy as *** exploded from my hard ****, most of it through my fingers onto my plastic pants as my climax subsided I lay back in my wet nappy and plastic pants getting my breath back. He offered to pin my nappy back I place which I readily accepted and enjoyed him doing this and pulling my plastic pants back into place. This of course led to many other mutual ************ sessions over the years with me coaxing him into a pair of lovely plastic pants whenever he came over and enjoying watching him *** in them as I stroked him through the lovely plastic.

oh man im so horny and wet after reading that story i think i ll just keep going til i *** inside my panties

For those who enjoy the "femmie" look as well as plastic pants, I recently noted that the FETWARE site includes full-cut nylon panties with vinyl white, pink and pastel colors.

Hello fellow plastic panties wearers : I completely shave my body so I can feel the plastic hugging my bottom and genitals better > I get sooo aroused when I'am wearing them ! I'am sure you know that special feeling !!!!!!

Glad you like it too. I also love the feel of silky panties and sometimes wear these under or over my plastic pants, just depends on my mood. Either way they get me very aroused and soon have me stroking myself to full erection and a lovely explosion of ***. Even better if I am with another wearer to join in the fun mmmm

the only other thing that can be as "thrilling, exquisitely sensuous, and arousing as when the plastic panties come in contact with the skin. is when i wear plastic lined silky nylon diaper covers or plastic lined rhumba panties, or just silky nylon panties over my plastic panties. what a thrill it is, as i walk and feel the silky nylon material sliding between my inner legs and the plastic panty. has anyone here experience this too?<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
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couldn't agree with you more dennap...there's something so thrilling and exquisitely sensuous and arousing when that soft plastic comes into contact with the skin...and seeing other adult boys or girls in plastic panties is equally arousing...