I'm a Late Bloomer

I started late in life, I started sucking **** before I started wearing Womens Lingerie.  If I had had a women to tell me to put one her panties, I think I would have started a lot sooner. I started for health reasons, and than I was hooked.  Sucking **** while wearing Lingerie is the greatest.  I started this after my prostate removal, I needed underwear to hold a pad tight against my **** and balls and it seems that there is no affordable men's underwear in nylon and streachs to stay tight all day, but there are in women's panties.  Damn, I do like the word "Panties", My wife doesn't like that word, to her it is just underwear.  Next came the hose, I started wearing support pantyhose to help control swelling in my lower legs and feet.  They did the job, and what a job, I was hooked, they felt so silky, and snug and just a great feeling.  At this point, all womens clothes felt so much better than anything that was made for men.  Now I dress in panties, pantyhose, cami, 24/7 while my wife is home, and right now she gone and I am wearing a bra, cami, house dress, panties, pantyhose, and women's slippers.  I tuck my **** and balls for looks and mostly for comfort, I just love the feelings of my **** between my legs and my balls up and out of the way.  If you haven't tryed to tuck your **** and balls, you really should try it.

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i have a little **** and balls to tuck in to panties

I love that feeling also. I like my clitty to be under control and disciplined. I trick myself by quickly pulling down my pants and I imediately pull it back and hold it until I change into panties (usually a thong with the cotton panel modified so that my clitty slips into. This holds it in place and there no way it can escape!). I tuck my balls up. Then I add a slimming control brief that adds pressure and control. And maybe a napkin. This creates a smooth look and great sensation. I tease myself by playing with my nipples - clitty trys to get excted, but can not.

Same here. When I put on panties and bra, I get so hard that I cannot tuck. I must jack off to get soft enough to tuck but after I shoot my load I have no more interest in keeping my panties and bra on.

Little (hem) hard to put **** between my legs, I normally get a little stiff when putting on panties!