Surprised, But Not Really..

 I had been staying away from watching this, mostly because I had heard how violent and graphic it was, but a close friend keep recommending it. I love historical dramas (especially accurate ones!), and I enjoy familiar stories retold from a different perspective (think "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"), so I finally gave in.

I am absolutely impressed. Yes it's violent, but I don't think gratuitous (the sex may be, but let's just write off the first few episodes as soft ****, ha ha!). I've just finished the first season and am so relieved that there is another!! What a horrid way to end a story!!! While I was so glad for Titus Pullo to finally get his girl, it seemed cruel for Lucius Vorenus to lose his - over what? Acts of passion are so overrated! Can't wait to see season 2...

Okay. Here's where my story dissolves. Stop now so I can maintain some slight respectability..

Yes, the men! I think I'm in love with Titus! Such a perfectly imperfect man! So honest in who he is, rough around the edges, passionate, intense, powerful... (dreamy sigh). Willing to die for a cause... And loves his girl... so the romantic in me screams his name. However, I'd more likely choose to marry the Lucius-type. Honorable to a fault, perhaps even more intense and passionate than dear Titus, demanding no more than what he gives, which is everything. Tough choice, romance or logic. Hey, it was Rome, couldn't I just have both? Oh wait, it didn't work that way for girls! Bummer!

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1 Response Jun 11, 2009

Sounds like my kind of show. What night is it on?