I believe I could survive the hunger games... I feel as though, if I needed to kill I would with no second taught. Its weird since my friends consider me a gentle person, but, I believe I would be able to kill... Its also funny, many adults that have no culture at all say that we shouldn't watch the movie, or read the books. "To much violence" they say... but the truth is that, well living in Mexico, I have seen a lot of violence... And the story is also a love story so, I believe its actually like looking on the brighter side. I also love hw they put Katniss as a strong independent woman. Who even though she is afraid, she fights for her sake, and for what she believes in... Not like so many other books where they portray woman as weak creatures. Yes we are fragile, but e can defend our selves ;)
Sagata Sagata
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What? Even your friend? V_V

Probably not if they didn't attack me first... Bt if they did, I would act on self defense...

Oh then yeah I would do the same. Btw good books :D

I know ;)

I am current on PG 214 for Mockingjay :D

You won't expect the ending...

I've heard that... damn! Now I have to read it ;)


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I would crush you

Think twice before stating that ;)

Loll :p

I'm a strong female ;) Not like does fragile girls who can't protect themselves :P

I would back her up >:D

Ha esay match >:)

You believe, I'm actually pretty strong if I may say so, plus I'm fast in my movements.

What if I joined as well? I would just wait until 2 of you are dead and then stab the other in the back >:) I would be in a tree :D

You would have to catch me first! ;)

Yeah me and spartan.

I would shift and run! :P

Loll I wouldn't hurt you

No but I can still tease you :P

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u would even kill me? D:

Not on will, if it was on defense probably *shrug*

i would never attack u well unless i wasn't me, then it wouldn't be me so i will never attack you not on will not for self defense that how much i love you


ya i never felt so great in my entire life

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