I have always been turned on when men flirt with my wife. About 1 year ago, I found out that someone at her work was heavily flirting with her. Not too long later, I found out they were sharing pictures with each other. We have fantasized about this in the past, but what made this such a turn-on was that you would never expect her to do something like this.

Recently, I found out that things turned physical for some time. Instead of getting upset, I find myself getting really turned on. In a weird way, this has actually made our s&x life even better than it already was.

I know there are a lot of men out there who have the same fantasy. But I wonder how many women participate in scenarios such as this. I imagine many are cheating without their spouse's knowledge.

I am even enjoying writing this... Weird, huh?
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I had sex with my best friends husband, after both she and my husband encouraged me to. I understood why she thought it was OK, but was surprised and a little disappointed that he wanted me to. I wanted to do it. But it all ended badly. The funny thing is that I felt like I was cheating. Is this really cheating? Anyway, I am starting to understand better why it was ok with my husband.

I wouldn't say my wife cheats on me, as I know about most of the other men she sees. She does, however, like to step out on her boyfriends occasionally! It's strange - I don't consider her a **** when she dates other men. But when she is unfaithful to them I feel like she's being such a naughty *****!

I always found it a turn on watching my wife get ready to go out and, when she got home reeking of her activity, I could not leave her alone.

I don't think it is weird. There will be those who 'judge' you for sure. But they tend to be religious nuts who live by the Bible and take it as 'everything' though it is 1/3 of the original text.
I know my wife harbors feelings for her old bf. but he has not returned the 'feelings' and she feels 'rejected'. this I found out when she left her journal open to answer the door...i read enough to know she would screw his brains out if he but asked.

Not weird! She knew you supported her, so she had little danger really. Has she shared details??

Can relate for some strange reason...

same thing happen to me the result she got caught by her co worker the good news makes me more urging her to do it the next day i ask her not to wear panties and she did it

Love knowing guys are getting off on wife. Haven't shared her...yet... She sometimes takes an Ambien and I get to have fun with her. She is usually active but has no memory. I also video her and post her and she doesn't get to see them for several weeks and keeps her guessing as to what others are seeing and commenting on....hope you enjoy her...her is one to get you started. email me if you would like more at wifesvideos@yahoo.com


Yes, some men do. My wife is the same and she started when we were engaged. She usually has affairs that last several months. She will tell me about it but only if I ask. I have no idea how many women take lovers outside of marriage but I have an idea it is quite a few.

Sounds like she was seeing him without telling you, or was leaving out some details... Hope she now understands how much you enjoy knowing what a hot wife she really is and you both fully enjoy her dating.

so you want she has sex with him?

Nothing weird about it. She is a fortunate woman to have someone such as yourself that wants to see her obtain as much pleasure as she can.

Not weird at all. You've found a partner who enjoys you watching her being pleasures. Revel in it and explore it.

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