A New Humanity Educating Children In Delicate Ways

Dear friends: You are sensible enough to understand that human beings are not defined by only the reproductive organs, and that there is no reason in using them as a basis to define two separate different ways of acting and dressing:

Humans should develop all kinds of delicate, sensible, artistic ways of presenting themselves, in as many forms as possible, without any distinction on that little subject, that can always be fulfilled, no matter which way are you dressed. Simplistic thinking lead peoples to separate humans in so called genders, limiting with that, all the possibilities of detailed, precise development of sensibilities, perceptions, emotions, sentiments and whole human expressions in the best more delicate ways. Fortunately, they left "women" alone, and so they were able to be sensible, inteligent, with a smart and elegant behaviour, dressing in many different ways, without limiting their sensibilities, imagination and artistic expressions.
"Males", on the contrary, became limitated, repressed, dumb, unsmart, repressing their feelings and possiblities, to become the violent, agressive blind uncontrolled things they are around every culture or nation where they imposed that dement, sensless idea of forbidding young boys to feel delicate, beautiful, to look pretty, elegant, gorgeous, repressing the desire for beauty and burying those natural impulses for beauty, something that Mother Nature imprinted in all living creatures, and only humans try to cancel:
Humans should be as beautiful as flowers, with adoring aromas as roses, jasmin, gardenias, and all the magnificent smells that can adorn visual beauty.

Having the natural impulse for that sensitvity, and being able to taste and appreciate Femmenine Beauty, I developed a sensible system to raise all children in the same open opportunities of learning about beauty and sensibility in them, and to be able to acquire all knowledge necessary to be as delicate, frail, sensible, perfectly beautiful, as any nice girl is capable. If they develop their personal sensitivity for beauty, little by little they will find their own way of expressing themselves in the prettiest forms, without any notion of guilt, sins, or weakness, but, on the contrary, growing like flowers with all the possible beauty, that leads logically to the highest human forms of being in all aspects of human life.

Girls will appreciate more their sensitivity and good taste, and so relations will be obviously much much better than what they are now, with everybody behaving in a respectful delicate manner with all living beings and the whole universe. The new generations will be much healthier, physically, emotionally, in their psiche, with spiritual heights never reached before.
The Way of Girls, The Way of Beauty, is of course the Way of Femmenin Beauty, the most delicate ever known. And then we all will be able to enjoy all the nice dresses, shoes, accesories, perfumes, hats and you name what, in freedom and joy, in happy galant relations:

If we raise our children in that happy delicate way, in just 4 years, which is the time that children learn next to their mothers before going by themselves to the world, everything will be different and we will have a New Planetary Humanity open to beauty in delicacy, and not to violence in bad taste.
The first 4 years are fundamental: children must know that we love them. And after, we have to lead them into behaving properly, in the most delicate beautiful ways, without distinctions in relation to their little organs, that will not be in use until some 15 years more: Teaching them how to dress nicely, act accordingly, make their bodies gentle and pretty, their acting graceful and inteligent, will produce beautiful girly humans, if you can say it that way, but indeed a much better humanity.

I invite you to kindly try to iniciate women into this more natural idea for training and educating our children in Delicate Ways,
I'd love to help anyone interested in my Delicate Raising Children System.

Please be free to comment with me all of your personal, intimate considerations, for my system is not only developed for small children, but for any person who wants to develop her true being by living in the delicate and smart forms of pretty girls: Inside, we carry always that little sensible child that is repressed, in the case of humans with an injector, not to use anymore that useless term of "men":
Find your most sensible being!! Develope it!! It will make you happy, really happy!!
And you will cease living in anxiety, stress, suffering, and all kinds of pain. Be human!! Be delicate!! Change your life for good!!

(English is not my maternal language, but I know you understand perfectly what I mean).

Lovingly, Lilly

Wendsday 5, September, 2012.

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2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

what a wonderful plan and understandiing of the need for feminization of the world.! You could begin a church of grace.

Nice!! I agree.