Barbie Dolls



I note that Don Draper, his exquisite wife Betty,  and colleagues Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway are to be made into Barbie dolls and set to go on the market this summer, a snip $74.95.

They will be aimed at adults, but sans the cigarettes and whiskey, the staple diet of the characters  and I suppose the permutations for affairs are somewhat limited too, but hey it's a giggle!


mizzen123 mizzen123
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I was thinking of purchasing them as sandplay items for my office. They could be collector items some day. And, why not?

sappy, you take Don and I'll find some meaningful employment for Betty ;-) You're right about Joan, her boobs seem to have disappeared lol. <br />
<br />
Eve, I need to justify the expense of purchasing said items. Any ideas?<br />
<br />

Oh, wow. I want all four.

I want a Don Draper doll !!!! The life size, fully equipped model though ... lol. But that can't be Joan ... I mean, sure, she's got red hair ... but where's her boobs ?