Its Good Stuff

My now wife wanted to buy it befor we even new she was pregnant. She thought it looked "cute" Anyway, my one year old daughter loves it. Its pretty good stuff. Slightly preverse humor with some catchy tunes as well. Thought i would share this. It was borderline confesional though.

deftone deftone
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

ahh yea i hear ya. I was the kid that was lookin down my friends moms shirts. mmm good times good times. I bet your a bad *** mom. and lover.... i mean oliver.. what??

You rock :)

Hell ya, they dont know what it is but they know it can dance. Wild MIKE was his name :) Hell yes.what an awesome movie. The little rapping mouse was cool to "Biggie cheese" he sang Mr.Boombastic. Glad you like it too.