Another Great Memory

OK I admit, I saw the movie first this time before reading the book this time. I've heard all the arguments and all the posturing in regards to what got left out and what they changed up but I still think the movie was good. And it did keep a good bit right on with the book.

I watched the Sci Fi Channel mini series when it aired and I guess I just could not visualize the new cast as the characters. The visual dynamics of the 80's movie, the darker theme and style will keep me as a fan over the new one always


dasmuggler dasmuggler
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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Another good movie that I think I saw for the first time on "ON TV" the precurser to Cable TV.<br />
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I always thought it was a strange flick, and yet it was one movie that always stuck with me. The Theme song by TOTO was pretty cool too.<br />
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How does it go? "The Sleeper has Awaken"