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A Masterpiece Of Cinematography.

I know this is a 4 hour movie....FOUR HOURS.....but it is worth the time to see it. It is based on a true man by the name of T.E. Lawrence in the British army.
This movie was shot on location with out special effects or mat drawings. I think it shows the best side of the Bedouin culture and the romance of the area of Arabs. Men, honor, warfare and the courage of the human spirit what else could be more entertaining or intriguing? I almost for got to mention the score from the is fantastic. Give it a shot,I think you may like it.
jatpack3 jatpack3 41-45, M 5 Responses Apr 13, 2012

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I love this movie too! Sir Alec Guinness is one of my favorite actors and Peter O'toole does a fantastic job as Lawrence. It is a great movie.

We want two... tall glasses... of lemonade.

Most badass drink order in film history.

With ice

It said that TELawrence could read over 4500 books in less than a year.

yes....I have seen this a number of times, love it. Its been awhile though, need to watch it again soon;)

Ive seen LOA....More than ten times.