So I dont really want to talk to anyone I know about this, feel kinda bad about it, but anyway im 15 and i have been with three different guys who i have not made use protection and I am not on any type of birth control. After it happens I am pretty nervous for obvious reasons but while it is happening I find it very exciting, it is hard to explain, I know eventually something might happen but in the moment it is what I want. I am not sure if I am looking for people to tell me I am crazy or tell me it is not that unusual, but whatever hope to hear from people..
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Tell us about the experiences. This is EP, after all. If you don't want to post here, PM me.

I dont think you should feel bad I am the same I know there is risk I could get a girl pregnant but there is nothing better than the feeling of skin on skin

Its crazy and its cool and its fun!
I also loved the risk, gives me a rush!

I'm soo with you. No risk no fun :-)

I know how you feel, I started having sex when I was a few years younger than you and none of the guys used protection. I can't describe how naughty and sexy having a guy inside of me unprotected then feeling him blow his huge, warm load deep in my vagina made me feel at that age. You shouldn't feel bad at all, keep spreading your legs sweetheart and enjoy as much unprotected sex as you can at your age :)

be careful x

maybe you just don't care at that time and just go with the flow .. btw i guess you get pretty good ******* hehe