Love The Smell Of Smoke

im a heavy smoker about 3ppd and i love the smell of cigarette smoke. i smoke in my apartment and i love the smell in there i go to bed smelling smoke and i wake up smelling smoke, also smoke in my car and that too smells of smoke. love it when it rains cause when im in my car i cant open the windows with out the rain water coming in so i smoke with the windows up! most of the time i cant smell it but when i do it smells so good to me
redsmoker125 redsmoker125
26-30, M
1 Response May 15, 2012

loved growing up in home of heavy smokers, even before I started my clothes stank, but got better fresher smell after I started smoking. used to love when got lift to school all smoking in car, window up in rain. loved how I could smell it on me all day, made me smoke more