My Favorite Smell

Growing up in a house with a heavy smoking mother the smell of cigarette smoke just seemed normal to me. I took it for granted.

In my early teens I spent the entire weekend at a friends house. His mom didn't smoke. It actually seemed strange to something was missing. Being in the smokefree atmosphere gave me an underwhelming empty sensation.
That Sunday evening I returned home. As soon as I walked in the door I smelled a blast of cigarette smoke. Both the smoke from the cig my mom was smoking and the lingering stale couldn't have been more different from the smokefree house I just spent the weekend at. I no longer took it for granted. I loved smelled like home.
My mom cooked dinner that night. Before I even finished eating she lit a cigarette and her smoke went in my face. No I wasn't mad at her instead I was in awe of how good her freshly lit cigarette smelled. Her smoke gave me such a safe comforting feeling. That's when I first knew I LOVED the smell of cigarette smoke.

Cleancut Cleancut
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I'm with you on this one. You can read my story titled "since age 3, i have always loved the smell of fresh cigarette smoke". i dont get what the big deal is with the second hand smoke. it smells so good and makes me feel at home and happy