Since Age 3, I Have Always Loved The Smell Of Fresh Cigarette Smoke!

I am in the minority on the cigarette smoke "issue" because I actually LOVE the smell of cigarette smoke. When i was a young child in the early 80's, smoking was commonplace. people smoked in their homes, in restaurants, building lobbies, and even on airplanes. These were the days before people became aware of the supposed health hazards of second-hand smoke. I remember being as young as 3 years old, smelling fresh kools, marlboros, winstons, L&M, etc etc... every time i smelled cigarettes i was put in a good mood, honestly! Cigarette smoke in the air was always associated with a convivial, happy social atmosphere that i loved. relatives being over, playing with cousins, seeing cool aunts and uncles at parties and such. I have a personal theory that i may have gotten hooked on smoking from being exposed to second hand smoke. i loved everything about cigarettes from the way adults looked smoking them, the smell of course, and the smell of the actual cigarettes in the pack. I was about 5 years old when i started opening the grown-ups packs and smelling the tobacco. I had the desire to smoke before i even started. at 16, i did start. I did get hooked, and in high school and my early 20's i was known by friends as a chain-smoker. I jokingly used to call myself a "power-smoker". going through two packs of cigarettes at friend's parties while drinking beer all night was the norm. i'd bum them out to anyone who wanted one. smoking was just a vice that i couldnt help but enjoy with others, and by myself. I got myself up to a pack and a half a day while working an extremely labor intensive construction job and started to feel the draining effects on my body. i will not lie and tell you that i love cigarette smoking anymore. it is terribly addictive TAKE IT FROM ME! it will rob you of your health and money too. I quit for five years recently COLD TURKEY and loved it! i still loved being around smokers as the smell is like sweet incense to my nostrils but managed to stay off. now here i am today smoking again cause i smoked a few one night outside of a bar. I'm the type of person who can clean my entire house spotless and get it smelling sweet and clean like soap and fresh garden air, and then "christen" the air in dim light with a fresh marlboro. fresh cigarette smoke on a bed comforter can put me in a sweet dream mode. I even appreciate the smell during different seasons. Cigarette smoke on crisp chicago winter air standing with the sliding door open in the kitchen is a beautiful aroma. Springtime cigarette aroma is delightful. Summertime cigarettes smell the best of all! there's something to be said about the smell of smoke dancing around the house on a warm gently breezy summer night, and especially by the pool, when joined with the smell of sunscreen! People reading this probably think i'm crazy or joking but i'm serious. I've always associated the smells of cigarette smoke, sunscreen, gasoline (mild) with a good mood and fun times. I also love the extreme dry heat of the desert southwest in summertime and thats where i began to love the smell of sunscreen too. anyone else like these smells, or am i the only one?
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I can relate to some of your feelings. Being around my Mom all the time I was growing up I developed a fascination with cigarettes. And yes I agree these smells we do associate with a happy time. I too like the smell of gasoline and one thing I always looked forward to was going to the gas station and filling up my Mom's car and being overwhelmed by the smell. I would literally get so excited but at the same time the feeling was so relaxing.

me too