I Started An Ocs.

After I became ill for 2 years I had ample time to watch tv. while doing so I asked myself what am I doing setting here watching people make their dreams a reality that is what I need to get back out there and do. So instead of going back to work for an office coffee service I opened one myself. SunRise OCS. Just getting started I have a long way to go before this business will be self supporting. But I am not long setting in front of a tv watching others make their dreams their lives.
I have some very good recepies for all kinds of fancy coffee and tea drinks that people can make at home without expensive equipment. I've posted them on facebook, and I have more to post. http://www.facebook.com/sunrise1ocs they are free and you are more than welcomed to them.
I also have the history of coffee, fun facts about coffee and a lot more interesting things.
Not trying to sell you a thing, this is my way of saying thanks to the good (friends) I've made on EP. When I was so ill you sent me notes that pulled me through the days. Sincerely, Candihat.
candihat candihat
51-55, F
Jan 14, 2013