You Have Not Heard My Story~

You haven't heard my story, testimony, my life. My real life. what actually infests my mind upon morning till night. You have no idea what I've been through, the scars I have accumulated, the sacrifices, the lies, the crying... The rain I've smelled... The dew I've touched, my skin caressing the damp leaves.

When I smell the rain, my feet shake with excitement. My blood flow increases to awaken the rest of my body. You haven't heard my story... But when the rain pours down and taps the ground lightly, the title is being read. When the rain pounds the rooftops in plops of tears, its worn cover is being turned over. And when the rain rages and whirls, when the rain's spirit vigorously blankets the land, when Rain Meets Earth and thunder strikes, my story is being read passionately. Pages are flipping and whipping in the sound... But you don't know my story.... And I won't tell you.

I like the smell of rain... It introduces my story... And when it leaves, my story dries and vanishes along with it leaving a slippery mess.. But as a rainstorm, my story will always have a rainbow in sight.. And I love rainbows..
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And the drops drench and then stop dripping from my hair... and the damp moist clothes cling to my body as does my soul... clinging and rooted... shackled to the truth. No rain ever can wash away the tears in my fabric... stains are gone... but the torn shreds of existence flutter in hope of another monsoon...

Wow! Am loving the very original exciting way you write :)
Going to reread and reread this :) :) :)

A wonderful quote by the Hopi Indians " The Soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears." liked your story

I've heard that before. That's actually one of my favorite quotes. Never knew where it came from.

Its in the book no word for tome one of my favortie books and favortie quote, you have good taste.


Seems like a beautiful book... What is it about?

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yeah good on. rain is a new beginning in life. we need rain so things will not dry up and die, same as in our life we need the rain of G-D to help us stay alive, you have a great write up. thanks for sharing it.

Rain is sign of a new beginning, after the rain, the flowers blossom, the clouds disappear and the rainbow appear. After the rain, what is past is past, let it dry and move on and never look back.

Very nice post. I like it.

But you see your story is written upon the soul of the wind. Victory shall come in the obvious. But the forgotten. Your story shall never be lost. It shall be read. For i have opened it many times. I hope my contributations to your story make you smile.

Thank you.... A trinket to read during the storm of rainy days..... So, yes.. I smiled.

I really like your post. Great writing.

Thank you darling.

wow you are a very educated person with real genuine feelings,

Aww. Thanks. v~v