Thunder ;)

mm.. i just remember when i had my old house it was in the forest where every week or so a thunder storm would roll in and just relax me after long week of work and stress,,, sitting in my arm chair curled up with a good book and a small cup of blood just listening to the peacefulness of the storm...whil my boyfriend was sitting next to me playing with my hair.. and when it was over we would walk outside and just stay out there for hours smelling the freshness of it all...mmm... just absolutely amazing
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3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Thunderstorms are an amazing force of nature, the more severe in my eyes the better. Like others I identify with everything that you said except i like a warm cup of earl gray tea to help in the relaxation process. When i can relaxe that is, usually thunderstorms get me really excited and i have get up and watch them.

I love thunder and the rain is very cleansing and refreshing. I can identify with this, except for the small cup of blood....

You're a little bloodsucking kitten

Well, I suppose there is no caffeine in blood, but I would suggest that you stay away from mine -it's loaded with caffeine!