A First Kiss

When I think of the smell of freshly falling rain it takes me back to when I was sixteen. Sitting in an alcove watching the rain fall, he is seated next to me. We don't talk, or hold hands, this is the first time he came to visit me after we both acknowledged that we had a crush. I could feel the warmth from his arm right next to mine, our long legs both stretched out in front of us, the tips of our shoes touching. I put my hands on my knees, wondering if would take the hint to take my hand. He was shy, he didn't, although I could feel how much he wanted to. I can see his profile as he tells me something silly to make me laugh. His long, dark eyelashes, the perfectly shaped mouth. I can't take it anymore, I lean over out of the alcove and quickly stomp my feet in a puddle so that we both get wet. With a quick sweep of my hand the water clinging to the stairway banister splashes against his face, the shocked look he gives me makes me giggle. I quickly run, out into the now gently falling rain and he comes after me. Running and splashing like the kids that we still were until we are both soaked. I stop under the now lit up streetlight and he comes up behind me. Our hearts are beating, I can clearly see the rise and fall of his chest as I turn so that we are face to face. I look up at him, he leans over, takes my hand and pulls me closer. His hand comes up to move the wet hair from my cheek, and he leans down for a kiss. A soft, gentle, perfectly wonderful, first time kiss.
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Very nice L

This is the sweetest story ever. =)