The other day after something happened I decided to take a nice stroll in rain through cut grass, just to miles because I pretend not to have time, though I'm not sure what really kept me. I was expecting it to improve my mood, seeing as it combined a few things I like; cut grass has a peculiar smell to it too, I think I have that as a like on EP, though it's not really clear-cut that I like it... haha.

I'm not even sure rain and cut grass smell the way they're supposed to, anymore. Anyway, all it did do was make me feel sorry for the guy (guys?) who had to cut the grass in all that rain... though on the account of my likes I guess he should've been the happiest man alive, but somehow I doubt it. I came home hoping to get some genetics research done to get my mind distracted, and instead... promptly fell asleep. Then I had to get up to hang the laundry. And naturally after that, I could no longer get back to sleep for the night. FML, right?

Pass on having a longer walk outside at 3am tonight, no matter how tempting that sounds, think I'll just try to catch some sleep... I've been trying to NOT obsessively edit my stories after posting and just let them be, but after trying to catch some sleep I realized I'd never get any sleep if I didn't change the wording from "get my mind busy" to "get my mind distracted". So I got back up, turned the computer on and... Internet went out.
Faust76 Faust76
70+, M
Aug 26, 2014