The Dreamer Is Called Forth

When I hear rain, (in which I am right now) it takes me to a mystical, dreamy place that seems is embedded deep down.
I go to a place that I'm secure, safe, calm, and feeling love.

I'm holding a love's hand, warm. Being close in a snug embrace, willing the rain not to cease.

It is slightly gray out, with a misting rain, or a slow, steady rain. Outside, melting into his arms and feeling the light spray of trickling, cool showers,  a
kiss on my forehead tingles with a drizzling deluge. 

The sound of this entrancing wonder around me is not unlike Love- almost as ethereal and sublime as the FEEL of it; soothing, pure mystique. It never washes AWAY anything within brings forth a desire, a need within, through the sound and aura- I become quenched .
Velvetlacedream Velvetlacedream
31-35, F
5 Responses Apr 22, 2012

Can you chat with me

Yes I like the sound of rain to


really well written. Only love is far more challenging and far more rewarding. I too love the sound of rain and the feeling of being cleansed, chilled and calmed.. kind of like the world taking alittle break.

Ty Track :) It is just that, yes... calming , like a cleansing of sorts.. and Love ? That is something so sacred , yet you are right, challenging. Love In the rain.. now that is even better...ty so much for your response :)

very nice, and it is nice to be warm with someone when it is cold wet and dreary.

Thank you for your comment blurble :) Yes, you are right.. everyone needs someone they can snuggle with or be warm with right ?