It rained so hard today. I was quite down so it just felt like it was doing it on purpose. I had my umbrella up and walked across the entire town (my town isn't big :)), down sloping hills, across the bridge, through town beside the river and the whole time I could hear it tapping. It reminded me of nights I went camping near the beach and of course it would rain. I would lie awake in my tent just listening. There is something so soothing about it.

I was soaked by the end of the walk you can imagine but I felt so much better. My hair was dripping but only at the ends, my jeans were soaked through to my knees and I couldn't feel my fingers but my cheeks were rosy and I was content.

It's still raining now, but not as heavily. It's getting bright outside, so it's not nearly as romantic as it sounds :P

Just a beautiful silent world waking up to another day.

Sometimes I think the rain is an attempt to cleanse the world. It's a *pretty* thought

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1 Response Jun 22, 2008

yeah, I love walking in the rain. I've been doing that since my chilhood. It clean the world and also myself.