Gentle Song

 Drip, drip, pitter-patter, tap, tap on the window. The gentle song of rain so dearly missed during  the frozen soundlessness of winter , lulls me to sleep again .

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12 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I love the stillness of rain when their is no wind , the freshness and scent of the country side as the falls , and when it stops the bird call is quite something if you can take time to listen .....

Good one, Trailguide!!!<br />
Still windy here:) And raining.

The hush of fresh falling snow is on its way.

The drip drip, tap tap is gone with the wind here too :)

i love to sleep when its raining!

Yes. Having kidnapped dear Trailguide's story, we shall return it to the drip-drip, tap-tap, pitter-patter.....

Ahh, siesta! Hope there is a gentle rain this afternoon to carry you into the land of Nod.

The lights on my CD pla<x>yer were bl<x>inking, signaling a night time power failure here as well, Juan. I got very little sleep last night. The tree that fell on the house and sent a limb through my bedroom ceiling a decade ago during a storm does not add to my ability to overlook the wind and drift off to dreamland!<br />
I should have gone downstairs to the couch--which is where I'm going to take a nap later!

Oh, yes, I was just going to mention the winds. As soon as the rain stopped, the winds rolled in. They were clocking gusts at 60 mph out on the lake. I found it a bit unnerving as well. Having trouble sleeping, I split for the guest room to read a chapter of Bill Bryson's "The Mother Tongue." <br />
<br />
Arriving at the office this morning, I immediately noticed that my computer was running in DOS mode. There must have been a power failure some time in the night.

I miss this sound, too.. I hope it warms up enough here to get some (after the snow all melts.. otherwise it could spell disaster).

Here at my house the pitter-patter was drowned out by the freight train roar of the wind gusting at 60 mph. Every time I started to drift off to sleep the steady drone of the wind was punctuated with a howling gust that rattled the windows and caused the walls to shake.

I was enjoying that as well. Big fat drops were falling on the skylights on Monday night. The sound reminded me of a toddler banging on a snare drum. Opening a window a few inches allowed the scent of the wet earth to pour into the room.